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Men Express Their Feelings

By Sunny Drake

A comedy about hockey, culture and relationships. Two dads and their sons are sequestered to a hockey rink dressing room to sort out an incident. Amidst a series of wild misunderstandings and ridiculous antics, these guys get to know each other and themselves a whole lot better, while redefining what it means to WIN.

The Art of French Cooking

By Madeleine Blais-Dahlem

The girls have had it. Blanche’s breasts have been pumped, prodded, and stuffed til they can’t take it any more. In an act of radical deconstruction, Boobar and Boobel have bailed, and Blanche is on a dreamscape quest to get the girls back in place, because, without them, “When I look in the mirror, what will look back?” But the girls have other ideas, and lead our heroine on a merry chase through a world of flesh–always hoping Blanche may decide that she is more than the sum of her parts.
An unbound absurdist comedy a quarter century in the making, The Art of French Cooking will be many things, but your average night at the theatre is NOT one of them.

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