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Beyond the Fringe

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Breaking the Curse

by Rachel Walliser, presented by 25th Street Theatre & Ferre Play Theatre

Breaking the Curse by Rachel Walliser is an exploration of a topic that has remained in the shadows throughout modern times – menstruation. Through a collection of irreverent sometimes humorous, sometimes touching, and sometimes cringey stories, Walliser unabashedly brings the real-life experiences of getting a period to the stage.

This verbatim theatre piece highlights period experiences, stories, and thoughts straight from the mouths of those living these experiences. Walliser focused on interviewing any who were willing to share, no matter their gender, age, sexuality, race, ethnicity, religion, or ability. The only requirement was that they had personal experiences with menstruation.



by Heather Morrison, with production dramaturgy by Lenore Claire Herrem

Fruitcake is a comedic family drama about the relationships we build with others, and with ourselves.

When a family gathers for their first Christmas without their mother, many tensions lie underneath the holiday cheer. Si has recently transitioned, but her father has asked her to go back in the closet “just for the holidays”. Jill and Michael are struggling with infertility, while their sister-in-law carries her new baby around on her hip.

There is also the pressing question – who will take the family heirloom their mother lovingly took care of for the past forty years – the 137 year old fruitcake?

It all comes to a head on Christmas eve.