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2021 Saskatoon Fringe Festival

Brit's Picks

Fringe Forges Ahead: Artist Applications Open for 2021


Saskatoon Fringe Festival calls for performers, plans virtual and live shows

Country 600 CJWW

Anita Smith interview with Carol Thomson

CTV Saskatoon

2021 Saskatoon Fringe Fest.:
Interview with Anita Smith from 25th Street Theatre

CTV Saskatoon

Saskatoon Fringe Festival returns to the stage this summer

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Saskatoon Fringe Festival Preview

CTV Saskatoon

Anita Smith intervew video from interview with Francois Biber.

Global Saskatoon

Saskatoon Fringe Festival accepting applications for this summer

2021 This is NOT That Festival

CBC Radio

Gearing up to host a Fringe Fest redux online


25th Street Theatre prepares a new theatre festival – but it’s not the Fringe

Country 600 CJWW

Theatre Returns to Saskatoon with “This is NOT That Festival”

CTV Saskatoon

This is Not That Festival:
Interview with Drew Mantyka from 25th Street Theatre

CTV Saskatoon

Summer Entertainment Options with Brit’s Picks

Toast Magazine

Brit’s Picks: Parties, Festivals, & Concerts


Theatre Finds New Indoor and Outdoor Venues 

CTV Saskatoon

25th Street Theatre’s Live From Your Lawn

CBC Saskatchewan

August festivals filling Sask. with music during pandemic

CTV Saskatoon

Digital alternative to Fringe Festival

2020 Saskatoon Fringe Festival Cancellation

Global News

Coronavirus pandemic forces cancellation of 2020 Saskatoon Fringe Festival


‘A heavy heart’: 2020 Saskatoon Fringe Festival cancelled due to COVID-19

CTV News

COVID-19 cancels Saskatoon Fringe Festival


2020 Saskatoon Fringe Festival cancelled