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Front of House Manager (FOH)

Based from Fringe Central Office

This is a critical leadership role and only people who have prior Front of House management experience or a clear understanding of how the festival works, may register for these shifts. Please note in your email any previous Fringe FOH experience. If you are a new volunteer and have relevant experience in theatre and FOH, please include that detail in your email to us and we will contact you before assigning the requested shifts.

Skills and Abilities:

  • Good Communication Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Organized and detail oriented
  • Previous FOH or related experience


  • Report to Fringe Central and pick up any supplies you will need for the venue.
  • This person is the greeter and the helper.
  • Deal with the actors if needed.
  • Have a time piece (watch, cell phone, etc).
  • Have a fairly good understanding of how the Fringe Festival runs and who to contact if there is a problem.
  • Be familiar with the venue binder and paper work used.
  • Check in with Technician when you arrive and coordinate time.
  • Can answer just about any question that is asked.
  • Understand the reconciliation sheet so that he/she can explain it to the ticket seller.
  • Contact the Technical Director if there is a technical issue
  • Help set up the venue and signage for the next show
  • Locate placement for wheelchair patrons and how they can enter and exit the venue.
  • Count number of chairs and set them up for the venue.
  • Assist ticket seller if necessary.
  • Communicate with the ushers and ticket sellers to make sure everything is running smoothly.