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Festival Dates: July 30th – August 8th

Us at Home: Community Collaboration Video Art Project Volunteers

Under the direction of S.E. Grummett, we are building an art installation that resembles a tiny home that will live on Broadway Ave in front of Victoria School for the duration of the This is NOT That Festival. Volunteers will be stationed at the installation for their shift, safely interacting with community members and patrons.
Location: Broadway Ave (in front of Victoria School).

Shift time: 4:45pm – 9:15pm each day

Duties include:

  • Sanitizing commonly touched areas
  • Directing patrons through installation
  • Answering inquiries
  • Tracking attendance for the installation
  • Promoting a safe environment
  • Some physical labour (set-up and take-down)
  • Other duties as assigned

Artistic Volunteers

Do you like to paint or draw? We are looking for a few volunteers to paint some window shutters for the Us at Home structure. Now, this is not a boring and mundane activity of painting window shutters a nice neutral colour for a regular house…No! This is a 25th Street Theatre house. We want colour! We want shapes! We want you to show us your creativity! The more colour, the better! We want people walking or driving by to see these window shutters and get excited and inspired. If you would like to show your creative side, this opportunity might be for you!  

*Also! We are looking for someone who would like to use their artistic ability to paint the door of this structure! (Must be comfortable with lettering).

Shift Time: Up to two weeks before festival, no scheduled times.

Collaboration Station Volunteers

If you enjoy working with children, then this will be right up your alley! The Collaboration Station is looking for volunteers to help with their day camps running each day of the Festival. These day camps are aimed at teaching kids ages 5 to 12 about the different elements that go into creating a live theatre performance. 

Location: W.E. Graham Park / The Refinery

Shift Time: 9:30am – 11:30am each day

Duties included:

  • Assisting with set-up/take down
  • Sanitizing commonly used areas
  • Promoting a safe environment
  • Assisting children when needed.
  • Other duties as assigned

Live from Your Lawn Performances

Just like it sounds, we will be hosting 12 live performances from lawns within our city! With this role, volunteers will be at the performance site. This role may get a chance to see some of the shows in progress.

Location: Varies

Shift Time: 1:30pm – 3:30pm/6:30pm – 8:30pm/ 8:00pm – 10:00pm, depending on the day

Duties include:

  • Assisting with set-up/take down
  • Promoting a safe environment for everyone
  • Interact with patrons and artists
  • Other duties as assigned

After 9:00 PM Live Events at The Refinery

There will be a few different events during the Festival that we will need volunteers to help with. These events will bring artists, community groups, other volunteers, and the public together. This role may get a chance to see some of the shows in progress.

Location: Refinery

Shift Time: 8:15pm – 10:30pm (Fringe Feud: July 30th, Aug. 5thand Mad Libs: Aug.8th)

Duties include:

  • Signing people in, keeping track of how many people are in the building.
  • Assisting with set-up/take down
  • Promoting a safe environment for everyone
  • Interacting with patrons and answering inquiries
  • Cleaning duties
  • Other duties as assigned

Safety is our top Priority!

25th Street Theatre takes the safety of its volunteers, artists, patrons, and staff very seriously. All Volunteers must adhere to Saskatoon Health and Safety Guidelines as well as any additional health and safety policies 25th Street Theatre may implement. Volunteers should be able to be a safety ambassador and be confident enough to ensure others follow the health and safety guidelines. We will be providing all volunteers with personal protective equipment to use during their shift(s).


  • ALL volunteers will be required to follow health guidelines created by the Saskatoon Health Authority as well as 25th Street Theatre and will be responsible for cleaning, sanitizing, and promoting a safe place for everyone involved in the area they volunteer in.
  • To limit the amount of people interacting together, volunteers will be split into 3 groups and only be able to volunteer with the people in their group as well as only volunteer at the locations/shows designated to that group.
  • ALL volunteers are required to attend orientation and safety procedures. Date and time TBD, mostly likely will consist of a zoom meeting, or small in-person groups.
  • Volunteers will be responsible for their own transportation to each location.