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Volunteering with the Saskatoon Fringe Festival

The Saskatoon Fringe Festival thanks all of our tremendous and committed volunteers for making the festival possible every year! Last summer, our volunteers made the 2019 festival a fantastic success and we are excited to welcome new and returning volunteers in 2020.

Join our 2020 festival team and help make this year the best Saskatoon Fringe yet! Volunteers will receive one free Fringe theatre show voucher for every full shift worked. More Information


Volunteer Information

Since volunteers are so crucial to operating the Saskatoon Fringe Festival, we aim to be as accommodating as possible for shifts, accessibility, and jobs. Please browse through the volunteer jobs and duties required before you fill in an application. If you have any special considerations, please mention so on your application form.
Note: Many of the jobs require the volunteer to be outdoor at least part of the time. Please dress for the weather.
**Please ensure you complete an application form before you request specific volunteer shifts.
**Volunteer shifts without an application form cannot be assigned.

Usher Shifts

Usher shifts are popular because the usher goes into the theatre and is able to watch the play.

Because of this, we ask that for every usher shift you choose, you also choose a different sort of shift such as ticket selling, volunteer schedule clerk, floater, traffic warden, or environmental team.


Do all theatre companies offer a free show for volunteers?
Most theatre companies will offer one or more Volunteer Free Shows but it is not a mandatory thing for the group to do. These shows are posted in the Volunteer Headquarters and are listed on the website on the volunteer page.
Why do ushers start 30 to 45 minutes before the play?
We have ushers come this early for many reasons. They will have time to go through the venue and learn all of the ins and outs.

The usher is essential at a busy play to help the FOH by keeping customers in line and checking to make sure that the customer is in the correct line. This is especially important when the play has many people attending and there is not much room to differentiate the lines for ticket buying and already having a ticket.

Sometimes there is not much for the usher to do as the play is not a busy one. We, of course, cannot anticipate this. If it appears that both ushers are not really needed and the usher does not want to stay there, the usher can ask the FOH to call into Fringe Central and see if anyone needs help at another venue or in the office.

What type of clothing do we need to wear?
Wear clothing appropriate to the weather.
Wear clothing appropriate to representing our organization in the public eye. T-shirts will be provided and are to be worn when working.
When do we need to arrive for our shift and where do we go?
You should arrive 10 to 15 minutes early and you report to the Volunteer Schedule Clerk at the Volunteer Headquarters so that they can check you in and give you any instructions / materials that you may need. Be aware of the city parking restrictions around the Fringe festival.
What do we do when we are done our shift?
Return to the office after your shift and check out with the Volunteer Schedule Clerk and pick up your Volunteer Voucher. Every time you work you will receive a voucher that you can trade in to see a show for free. If you forget to pick it up, it will be stored at the Volunteer Headquarters. Make sure to ask for it when you are in the office.
Can volunteers pre-book for shows?
Volunteers can come to the office and pre-book. There is a limit of ten volunteer spaces available for every play. This is a total of pre-bookings and rush. If there are unsold tickets for the play, then more volunteers will be allowed into the performance by using their voucher. The volunteer needs to trade a voucher for each pre-booking. The volunteer then goes to the FOH at the venue within the hour before the play to pick up their ticket.
Why are shifts not all the same length?
Many of the shifts are determined by the length of the play. Ushers for example cannot leave in the middle of the play so sometimes their shift is longer than some others.

The ticket seller leaves 15 minutes after the play has begun so sometimes the shift is short and sometimes it is long depending if the ticket seller is working for two plays or three plays. A ticket seller cannot leave in the middle of selling tickets for a play.

Why do some usher shifts have the usher leaving just as the play is beginning?
This is done so that the usher is not working a really long shift. The usher works to help the FOH get the patrons into the venue and then the shift is done. If the usher wishes, he/she many go in and watch that play even though the usher is not scheduled to work.