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this is not that festival

A Physically Distanced & Digital Alternative to the Saskatoon Fringe Festival

Thank you to everyone who joined us online for
This is NOT That Festival.

2020 Program highlights

Digital Performances

This summer we hosted five theatre companies from across North America to perform digitally at This is NOT That Festival.

Live From Your Lawn

There is nothing quite like a live and in person performance is there? Three groups of local artists performed live on the lawns of our patrons.

Community Building

Fringe Feud? Conversations about the future of theatre? A Podcast? Mad Libs? Play reading? There was no shortage of fun and engaging programming this summer.

Collaboration Station

25th Street Theatre presented FREE mini day theatre camps for kids ages 5 to 12 to get them Front Stoop Fringe Ready.

Us at Home

“Us at Home” was a digital installation featuring original videos created by the community detailing life in lockdown and presented live on Broadway and online.


PDF viewable and printable program