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The Wright Sisters Present: The Wright Brothers

COMPANY: Margin Release

Maya Wright: Actor
Calla Wright: Actor
Rebecca Merkley: Director

FROM: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The Show

Will people ever fly? Will man ever traverse the sky in a contraption built by human hands? What would it be like to be the men who gave humanity wings? Calla and Maya Wright aren’t related to the Wright Brothers (or at least, not on the Wright side) but being fellow Wrights probably gives you some kind of insight. In this joyful journey to the past, the Wright sisters take you into the hearts and minds of the men who walked on air.

Audience: All Ages
Genre/Style: Historical & Comedy
Warnings: Brief mentions of death and dying
Duration: 30 minutes
When? 7:30pm, July 31st & August 8th
Where? Here!
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Watch the wright sisters present:

the wright brothers

Get to know the cast & crew

Maya Wright (Orville Wright) This is Maya’s second Fringe experience (her first online!) and boy oh boy is she excited! Maya has participated in several Shakespeare performances, such as A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Twelfth Night, and Macbeth. Maya has also taken part in several musicals, including Pirates of Penzance, Into the Woods, and Beauty and the Beast. She is so grateful to to Calla and Becky for helping bring the Wright brothers back to life, and giving her such a wonderful experience! Maya hopes you have a roaring good time.

Calla Wright (Playwright/Wilbur Wright) Currently located in Edmonton, Calla holds a BFA in Playwriting from Concordia University in Montreal. Select writing credits include: Home Again (The Alberta Queer Calendar Project) Witts: Ballad of Queer Cowboys (2017 Ergo Pink Fest, Edmonton Fringe 2019) The Wright Sisters Present: The Wright Brothers (Edmonton Fringe 2019) Christmas Play (Dammitammy Productions) One Too Many (Montreal and Edmonton Fringe Festivals, 2017) The Blood Harmonic (We Are One) How I Show Love, (Mainline Student Gala) The Blood Countess (Revolution They Wrote) Pig By Roger (Edmonton Fringe Festival, 2014) and ; the musical (Edmonton Fringe Festival, 2011). She won the 2015 Kit Brennan Playwriting Award for her play The Wind and the Rain, which went on tour to the 2018 Regina, Calgary, and Edmonton Fringe Festivals.

Rebecca Merkley (Director) Rebecca Merkley is an international theatre artist and vocalist. Most recent performing credits include: Lead vocalist for Rupaul’s Drag Race’s “Thorgy and the Thorchestra,” Found Festivals “Off’d on Whyte”, Catalyst Theatre’s “4play” and the Edmonton International Fringe Festival. She has also performed with Edmonton-based theatre companies: Guys in Disguise, Theatre Network, The Fox-Den, Punctuate! Theatre, Wild Side Productions, Impossible Mongoose, Wizgiggling Productions, Promise Productions, Theatre Yes, Broken Toys Theatre, Capitol Theatre and Kaybridge Productions. Select Directing/Writing credits include: “5 South”, “The Unsyncables”, “Rivercity the Musical”, “Merk du Soleil”, and “Bountiful” (with her company Dammitammy Productions). She’s been nominated for multiple Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Awards for her work as a writer, producer, and performer.