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Indigo Triangle Sponsorship

25th Street Theatre Centre Inc. is a non-profit, charitable organization that produces the Saskatoon Fringe Festival.

As one of the major summer festivals in Saskatoon, the Saskatoon Fringe Festival reaches a wide audience:

  • On site (50,000 attendees in 2019!)
  • Program (7,500 programs distributed through FLOW Magazine)
  • Website (Between the beginning of June and the close of the festival, our website garners 25,000 unique views)
  • Social Media (check us out @SaskatoonFringe)

What Kind of Sponsorships are available?

  • Support our subsidized ticketing program for youth, KidsConnect
  • Venue Sponsorship
  • Support the cost of Street Festival Infrastructure
  • Special Commercial Rental
    • Be on the street and part of the fun! Simply bring your team and advertise on the ground. You could bring swag for the people passing by or hand out information about your business. Prices vary depending on the square feet required.

For more information or sponsorship opportunities please contact us!