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The Sandy Bridges Show

COMPANY: Sandy Bridges

Lenore Claire Herrem: Creator & Actor

FROM: Montréal, Québec, Canada

The Show

The Sandy Bridges Show is your #1 source for lifestyle choices. Sandy shows you how it’s done in the kitchen, gets crafty and handy, and even has advice channeled through her own personal oracle. Tune in, turn it up, and get ready for the oddest daytime television since cable was invented.

Audience: All Ages
Genre/Style: Comedy, Satire, Home & Lifestyle
Warnings: Language
Duration: 30 minutes
When? 7:30pm, August 2nd & 7th
Where? Here!
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Get to know the cast & crew

Lenore Claire Herrem is an interdisciplinary artist from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, currently in Montreal. Sandy Bridges is a tongue in cheek, resourceful, and totally loveable media personality and lifestyle brand. Inspired by 90’s and 00’s talk show hosts, and professional home makers, The Sandy Bridges Show covers day to day content, but stretches the bounds of reality with absurdity and wit.