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Play fail win

COMPANY: It’s Not A Box Theatre

Amberlin Hsu: Co-Creator
Torien Cafferata: Co-Creator
Johanna Arnott: Stage Manager & UX Technician

FROM: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

The Show

This is a game that takes place in real life. The Guy you play is a Real Guy who performs all your instructions live over a streaming platform, where you can either watch or play. You see what he sees. He does what you say. He has a To-Do List he is behind on and only a few contacts on his phone, but the world is an open sandbox — because it is our own world, full of potential. The catch: like all Guys in Games, he is Very Stupid and will take everything you say at face value. But he can learn if you teach him and if you don’t give up neither will he. We hope. He is Very Fragile and can Die from literally just embarrassment. Try Not to Kill Your Guy. If you do, that’s ok — he has three lives, because why should Mediocrity and Incompetence stop you?

The game is over when Your Guy loses all his lives or when 30 minutes have passed. This is not a secret experiment in identity or communication or responsibility or privilege or anything fancy and it is not at all political not even a little bit we promise. This is Just a Game. And Your Guy is Just a Guy.

How far will you go?
How much will you learn?
How bad will you die?

Audience: Mature Audiences Only
Genre/Style: Digital Interactive Theatre, Satire, & Absurdism
Warnings: Varies due to interactive non-linear storytelling. Any and all hateful speech, violence, sexual acts, indecent exposure, or oppressive acts or speech are prohibited from either Players or the Performer.
Duration: 30 minutes
When? 7:30pm, August 1st & 3rd
Where? Here!
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Get to know the cast & crew

Amberlin Hsu (she/her) is a producer, designer (lighting, costumes, stage), performer, and choreographer based in Saskatoon, Canada. She studied dance at NTUA in Taiwan and graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a BFA in Drama (Design). As co-AD of It’s Not A Box Theatre with Torien Cafferata, her recent devised theatre credits include: Overhear (2016-2019), pimohtēwak (2019), cell (2017), Hypneurosis (2016), and Project O (2015). Recent lighting design credits: The Death of a Salesman (Theatre Naught), Displaced (Ground Cover Theatre), Dominion (GTNT), and Les Liaisons Dangereuses (Theatre Naught); Recent costume design credits: The Death of A Salesman (Theatre Naught), Southern Dandy 75 (Otto Helmut Productions), Aiden Flynn Lost his Brother, So He Makes Another (Theatre Howl), Macbeth (Embrace Theatre).

Torien Cafferata (he/they) is a producer, actor, playwright, dramaturge based in Saskatoon, Canada. As co-Artistic Director (alongside designer-performer Amberlin Hsu) of It’s Not A Box Theatre, Torien’s approach to immersive theatre is the intersection between performance, video games, scenography, and activism. Most recently he has been working on digital interactive theatre games, such as the locative-audio plays of Overhear Solo and the upcoming livestream experiment Play Fail Win. He thrives in collaborating across disciplines and inviting audiences to become storytellers. Torien also served as President and Dramaturgical Chair of the Saskatchewan Playwrights Centre. Previous It’s Not A Box Theatre writer/producer credits: Overhear (2016+), pimohtēwak (2019), cell (2017), Hypneurosis (2016), and Project O (2015). Other writer credits: After Man (Short Cuts Festival 2017), DON’T PANIC (Saskatoon Fringe Festival 2013).

Johanna Arnott (she/her) is a Saskatoon based theatre artist who works primarily as an actor, writer, and stage manager. She has stage managed The Penelopiad (Ferre Play Theatre), The Born Again Crow (THUG Work Theatre/Live Five), #Consent (SUM Theatre), and Monday Night (Highway 55 Productions/Live Five). Johanna began her live streaming journey in mid-March when she pitched the idea to The Sketchy Bandits; this has since become a weekly show called Into the Writer’s Room. Johanna spent countless hours experimenting with streaming technology she had no experience with, pioneering digital theatre in the Saskatoon scene. Johanna continues to experiment, innovate, and create in this form.