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Buy your tickets before you get to the Fest!

Buy your tickets online here. Presale ticket sales stop at 9:00pm the day before the performance. Rush tickets are available at the venue within the hour before the play begins.

Festival renderings done by the talented Sarah Doherty

lightorangeswquig Getting to the Festival

Bus: Be green and take a bus to the festival. Route 6 and 13 serve the Broadway area. Check you the City of Saskatoon website for for more information https://transit.saskatoon.ca/route-and-schedules

Bike: Bike to the festival and park with ease! The Bike Valet will store and secure your bike so you can enjoy the day and pick up your bike when you’re done.

Car: If you need to drive, consider carpooling! Not only will you help the environment, but you’ll reduce parking costs and crowding around the festival. Remember that there are residential parking restrictions put in place for a two-block radius around the festival. Please check out our parking restriction map.

  • From 8th Street to 14th Street and from Lansdowne Avenue to Victoria Avenue is restricted to residents with area parking passes given by the city to homeowners in the neighbourhood.
  • These passes are given out to the households by the city – not by us.
  • Accessible parking: The South side of 12th Street between Broadway and Dufferin Avenue and the West side of Dufferin Avenue between 12th Street and 11th Street against the playground has been designated as Accessible Parking. This is not the side in front of the houses.
  • If there is no accessible parking available, please call Fringe Central and we will help to arrange a parking spot for you. The number is: 306-664-2239.

lightpinkswquig Portable Toilets

Portable toilets are available behind Victoria School near the basketball court and playground.

Accessible Toilets: Wheelchair accessible toilets are available behind Victoria School near the basketball court and playground.