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“The Love Letter Post Card” 

A celebration of The Saskatoon Fringe and the people who make it happen

Logan Martin-Arcand is a queer Indigenous theatrical artist and scholar from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Logan has numerous credits to his name as an actor, director, designer, producer and writer. Some of his recent credits include producer/writer for The Gay Card (Horsetrade Theater NYC and SexualSpaceWalk Theatre, 2019), writer/actor in Politics of Happiness (SexualSpaceWalk Theatre, 2018), costume designer for Reneltta Arluk’s Pawakan Macbeth (Theatre Prospero 2017, Akpik Theatre 2020), costume design for Tony Kushner’s The Illusion (Greystone Theatre, 2017) and as Vernon Little in Vernon God Little (Greystone Theatre, 2014). Logan has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours (Theatre Design / Acting) from the University of Saskatchewan.

This art installation will be located on Broadway, by the stone stage.


To our sponsors and funding agencies