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live from your lawn

There is nothing quite like a live and in person performance is there?  Those experiences stick with you in a way that only live theatre can, which is why we are SO excited about our Live from Your Lawn series. 

 We will be drawing 12 names from a hat and if we pull your name, we will bring a show right to YOUR lawn!

 Think house concert, but instead of a concert it’s a theatre production… and instead of your house it will be your lawn… so I guess it’s not actually a house concert at all… but you get the idea!

Live From You Lawn entries are now closed, but it you still want to donate and help support local theatre, click here. 

What’s Playing?

Click on a show to find out what it’s all about, the whose who and to find out when they are streaming on Sasktel Max.

How Does It Work?


Is this a public performance?
No, this will be a private performance for you and your guests, and we will have staff and volunteers on hand to ensure that physical distancing rules are adhered to.

What if I am only interested in hosting a specific show?
That’s cool, just select the show that you are interested in.

What if I am open to hosting any show? Do I have to make a donation for each show?
Nope, you only need to donate once.

Do I have to have a lawn?
No, but you do need to have a space with a minimum of 20 feet by 20 feet and we need access to one power outlet!

I live outside of Saskatoon, can I still enter?
Sorry, but the performances are available to Saskatoon lawns only, but don’t fret! You will be able to watch a recorded version on SaskTel Max.