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Brand new to the Saskatoon Fringe? Missed out on some great plays last year?

Couldn’t try that cool food truck because you were still full from the last cool food truck? Don’t worry, there’s no wrong way to Fringe! To help organize your Fringe-ing experience, we’ve assembled this handy guide.

What is Fringe-ing?

Fringe [frinj] noun:
a) a decorative border of material (usually thread or cord) hanging loosely from the perimeter or edge.
b) an outer edge; margin; periphery
c) a theatre festival and artistic movement. The very first Fringe originated in Edinburgh in 1947 and provided the inspiration for the first Canadian Fringe Festival in Edmonton in 1982. Canada now hosts more Fringe Festivals than anywhere else in the world, and each individual festival is uniquely curated to its home city. Across North America, CAFF Fringe Festivals inspire, develop, and support theatre artists and their audiences.

Fringe-ing [frinj-ing] verb:
a) to furnish with, or as if with, a fringe
b) to serve as a fringe for, or to be arranged in a way that suggests or resembles a fringe
c) the act of attending a Fringe Festival. No matter what you like to do at the Fringe, or how you organize your time at the Festival, you’ve got it! You’re Fringe-ing!

bluesquig Take a Chance

We have 27 different plays this year! That’s 27 unique experiences in 189 performances available for you to discover. And that’s not including buskers, musicians, and other street performers. Don’t forget about our artisan and food vendors. Oh …and did we forget to mention that the Fringe takes place in the heart of Broadway? All of your favourite shops, bars, and eateries are open too!

This summer, we encourage you to step out of the familiar and take a chance! Try a new food. Randomly select a play and go see it. Allow yourself to wander, explore, and discover something brand new! Leave your regular life at the entrance and become an adventurer for the day. You never know, the spirit of the Fringe is contagious—you just might find a new passion or hobby, a delicious cuisine, or make new friends.

pinksquig Talk to Fringers

Fellow Fringers are your best resource when you’re not sure what to see, where to eat, or what to do next. Socialize with staff, volunteers, artisans, and even performers to chat and share the highlights of your Fringe-ing adventures. The welcoming and vibrant atmosphere of the festival makes it even easier to strike up a conversation with a friendly face.

Psssst…here’s a hot Fringe tip: since the Bike Valets meet so many people during the festival, they always have great recommendations for shows!

purpsqwig Join the Conversation

Step 1: Follow us on social media! Facebook  Instagram and Twitter 

We’ll be posting about everything Fringe leading up to the festival.

Step 2: Use our hashtag #SaskatoonFringe to post pictures, videos, and thoughts about your Fringe-ing experience and join in the conversation yourself(ie)!

Step 3: Search our hashtag to see what other Fringers are saying and doing. Get inspired. Get Ready. Get Fringe-ing!

yellowswquig Support Fringe Artists

Saw an amazing show? Tell the world about it! Spread the word on social media, tell all your friends, go to our website and write a review, and help inspire your fellow Fringers in the process!

Fill the hat: If you enjoy a street performance, remember to tip the artists! Unlike our ticketed performances, street performers rely on your donations to keep entertaining and making art!

Offer to host a visiting artist by visiting our Billet page.

redswquig Fringe Respectfully

Each performance involves countless hours of writing, rehearsing, costuming, directing, and perfecting—not to mention the very many years artists spend mastering their craft.

Arrive early: Latecomers will not be permitted into performance.

Buzz off: Mute ringers, beepers, buzzers, and tweeters.

Be in the moment: Do not take photos or videos of performances. Refrain from texting or talking during the show. Turn your phone off and enjoy!