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digital performances

Remember how you would go to see a Fringe show and you would stand in line waiting to get into the venue?

And it was super hot outside, so the sweat would start to drip down your back?

And then you would realize that you didn’t have enough cash to buy a ticket at the door, so you would have to run to the ATM?

And when you finally got into the venue you realized (gasp!) there was no air conditioning?!

Well, leave those worries behind because this year theatre is JUST A CLICK AWAY with the This is NOT That Festival Digital Performance series!

We have theatre artists from Saskatoon, Montreal, Cincinnati, and Edmonton making digital theatre just for you! They will each be performing twice throughout our festival for a total of 10 live digital theatre performances. This is bite size theatre with performances limited to 40 minutes each and they are completely FREE (though there is a tip the Performer option so be sure to show those starving artists some love if you can).

One digital performance will go live every night at 7:30pm from July 30th to August 8th.

What’s Playing?

Click on a show to find out what it’s all about, when it’s showing, the whose who and to watch past performances

(just in case you couldn’t make it live!).