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Community building

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Show me FUN!

Hosted by local theatre artist, Danny Knight, Fringe Feud follows the format of Family Feud where two teams will face off to guess the most popular answers received from our survey respondents. There’s one hitch though – all of the questions are Fringe related.

This program will be broadcast live from our “sound stage,” as part of our after 9:00pm programming.

Night One: Sketchy Bandits vs. Lady Bits
Night Two: Young Company (Old School) vs. Young Company (New School)


Shakespeare Mad Libs


With our (ADJECTIVE) talented host Kristi Friday, Shakespeare Mad Libs are chalked up to be one (ANOTHER ADJECTIVE) night.

Come on over and watch our guests (VERB), (ANOTHER VERB), and have a laugh closing night.

Tune in here at 9:00pm on August 8th.


Engage: Big Conversations About the Future of Theatre

“By looking at the questions the kids are asking, we see the scope of what needs to be done.”
– Buffy Saint-Marie

A lot is happening in the world right now, and as theatres continue to sit empty, we have invited various theatre artists and experts to join us as panel members to have the big conversations about what is happening in the world and how it will affect the future of theatre. Join us at 9:00pm on July 30, August 2nd, 3rd, 6th, & 7th to learn, engage, and discuss the future of theatre.

Host: Eric Anderson, CBC Freelance Reporter and YXE Underground Host

For a complete schedule of our programming, please click here.

Filmed on location at Dancing Sky Theatre in Meacham, SK and Station Arts Centre in Rosthern, SK.

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25th Street Theatre Podcast Retrospective

Did you know that the Saskatoon Fringe Festival is produced by 25th Street Theatre?

And that 25th Street Theatre used to produce their own shows, long before they presented the Saskatoon Fringe?

And did you know that 25th Street Theatre produced the most renowned play to ever come out of Saskatchewan?

And in fact, 25th Street Theatre is the oldest professional theatre company in the city?

And get this – did you know that many veteran, local actors, as well as an Academy Award nominee cut their teeth at 25th Street?

 Neither did we!

In collaboration with CBC Freelance Reporter and YXE Underground Host, Eric Anderson, 25th Street Theatre presents a podcast that will explore the complex history of 25th Street Theatre.

 Joined by the current Executive Director, Anita Smith, and the following guests:

  • Dwayne Brenna (author of Our Kind of Work: The Glory Days and Difficult Times of 25th Street Theatre),
  • Maria Campbell (author and playwright of the stage version of The Book of Jessica and One More Time)
  • Cynthia Dyck (former 25th Street performer/organizer)

This podcast aims to reflect on 25th Street Theatre rich history of producing theatre in Saskatchewan, before the collectively memory of the impact the company had on the cultural landscape of this province is eradicated from our collective conscious.

Saskatchewan Playwrights Centre: Write Like You Mean It

Write Like You Mean It is an initiative to give playwrights the support needed to commit fully to a new script. The program commissions artists at various stages of their artistic development and provides resources that are often difficult to access when starting new projects, namely, time and money. Once the initial draft is complete, playwrights then have access to the dramaturgical and workshop resources that SPC can provide. This year two scripts have completed their projects in full and SPC will be posting a call for new submissions soon! The SPC Play Reading will be streamed August 4th at 9:00pm.

“The Unforgettables” written by Erin Brophy
In 1928, women across North America begin to suddenly die from constant exposure to radium. Following the death of their friend, five women begin to speak up for their rights in an unforgettable legal battle that shapes the course of history.

“West of Nowhere – A Western Western” Written by Grahame Kent and Amanda Trapp, Music by Amanda Trapp

Intrepid hero and legend of the West, Bosiah Logan, has been pulled out of his retirement by his stalwart sidekick and niece Annie Blackburn. They travel to the sleepy town of Nowheresville to fend off a devilish energy tycoon who’s set his sights on the town. A joyful and musical lampoon of Western tropes ensues!

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