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#This is Not that festival

July 30 – August 8. Digital.
Physically Distanced.

Black lives matter.

We are listening.
We are learning.
We promise to take specific and concrete steps to support, uplift, amplify, and center the voices of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour) artists and stakeholders in our community. Our priority is to deeply examine any practices or lack thereof that may contribute to exclusion and racism in our organization and productions, and rectify any lack of representation at all levels of our organization.
– 25th Street Theatre Board & Staff


this is not that

As many of you know, the Saskatoon Fringe Festival had to cancel due to the pandemic. However, because of this situation, we are able to create something new!

We’re calling it the “This is Not That Festival” and it will run from July 30th to August 8th. All the programming is new and uses technology and physical distancing to create art and theatre in innovative ways.

A quick explainer

So, what is this then? Well, because we are unable to host our usual 10 day Fringe Theatre and outdoor extravaganza, we’re moving online. That’s right. Online.

Get ready for 10 days of virtual theatrical performances, community art projects, artist conversations, podcast retrospectives, and broadcasted shows live from your lawn.

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